Booking issues

The Jump Zone website and booking system are tested on a daily basis so that we can continue to provide you with the best and most convenient platform to make a booking through.

We have found that 99.99% of technical difficulties experienced are due to the use of out-of-date browsers, poor internet connectivity or incorrect entry of your details (e.g. entering a letter instead of a number) as detailed below along with solutions to the problems that you may experience.

The starting point of the booking process is the completion of the online waiver. Without completing this step you will not be able to proceed to make a booking. And please note that it is NOT possible to complete a waiver using the Internet Explorer browser. Internet Explorer is no longer being supported by Microsoft and therefore does not allow e-signatures.

My internet browser will not allow me to sign the waiver/make a booking
As certain browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer) are no longer supported by Microsoft you will need to use either Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.
The system will not accept my email
Ensure that you are not entering a space before, in the middle of or after any letter or digit of your email address. Also ensure that you do not enter a comma instead of a dot (full stop) at any point.

Note: if you have autofill as one of your default settings on your smart phone/computer, a space may be entered automatically so it is important to adjust your setting or manually remove the space, otherwise you will not be able to proceed.

My security settings prevent me from using your online system
If you are experiencing difficulties on one device we suggest trying another (for example, use a smart phone instead of a PC or vice versa).
I cannot get to the payment page

If you use letters instead of numbers and vice versa at any stage of completing the waiver or making the payment you may not be able to proceed. For example, if you have entered the letter O instead of the number 0 (zero) as part of your contact number when initially completing your waiver this will prevent you from completing your booking.

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