Welcome to Jump Zone in Liffey Valley
Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Fonthill Rd, Palmerstown Upr, Dublin 22
Tel. 01 568 8188


  • Everyone who enters Jump Zone must complete a waiver
  • Jumpers have to be over 5 years of age to use trampolines and under 8 for Climbing Frame use
  • Jump Zone grip socks must be worn by all trampoline participants, they are compulsory for safety reasons
  • Do not jump if you are pregnant or have any health problems or limitations at all
  • No chewing gum, food, drinks on the trampolines, platform or in Climbing Frame
  • No belts, studs, keys, key chains and sharp objects on apparel or in pockets
  • No other ‘foreign’ objects on the trampoline courts – balls, phones, cameras, etc. Empty your pockets before jumping or accessing the Climbing Frame
  • Double bouncing is never permitted so do not jump on another individual’s trampoline, it is very dangerous to jump on a trampoline that someone is occupying
  • No flips, inverts or tricks over the padding
  • No leaning / climbing on the trampoline walls
  • Do not sit or rest on the trampolines
  • No rough-housing, wrestling, racing, tackling, shoving, or playing tag
  • Only jump on the trampolines, do not jump or land on padding or the platform. The pads are hard and can cause injuries to your feet, knees, back and ankles
  • Always jump and land on two feet, this is critical for safety. To perform a safety landing (or jumping stop) land on two feet with legs apart, knees bent and arms in front of you
  • If crossing from one trampoline to another look around in order to check that you will not collide with another jumper
  • If falling, try to “ball up”. The key is to keep your arms close to your body to avoid twisting your wrists or injuring your arms / elbows / shoulders. It is also recommended to tuck your chin towards your chest to avoid whiplash.
  • No flips or tricks on the entrance trampolines that border the grey carpeted platform.
  • No one believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be allowed to enter the facility
  • All jumpers must wear a Jump Zone wristband of the appropriate colour
  • If you already know how to perform a safe trick or flip you must be on your own trampoline, with no one else around you in order to try it
  • The court monitors are there for everyone’s safety and enjoyment, you must follow their instructions at all times