Children and teenagers with autism are welcome at Jump Zone at all times however Jump Zone can be a busy and loud environment which does not suit everyone on the Autistic Spectrum. It is for this reason that we work in conjunction with Open Spectrum in our Sandyford branch to offer tailored sessions at which the usual loud music is turned down and whistles are not used by our court monitors. Open Spectrum is a Dublin based group that arranges activities and events for children and teenagers on the Autistic Spectrum. For further information please go to Open Spectrum facebook group

Are socks compulsory ?

Socks are compulsory and must be worn by all participants at all times on the inflatable. In addition to it being a stipulation of our insurance company it is in the very best interests of safety. We have a duty of care to all customers and the occurrence of injury is greatly reduced by wearing the Jump Zone socks. No exceptions can be made.

I am concerned that my child is not used to and will not wear the socks - what should I do ?

We are happy to provide you with a pair of our Jump Zone socks in advance of your visit so that you have an opportunity for your child to get used to the grip socks. The only thing we ask is that you collect the socks from the facility.

Are parents/carers required to jump?

Parents and Carers are more than welcome to join in but it is not compulsory. We do ask that parents/carers are vigilant and understanding when the sessions are taking place and remain in the facility for the duration.

Is there discount for carers?

As a carer you will receive 100% discount on your jump ticket on the provision that you have an official carer’s card with you at the time of admission, the only thing you are charged for is the Jump Zone socks which are compulsory.

If there are two carers for one person, 50% discount would apply to the entry cost for the second carer.

Should I notify staff that my child has special needs?

We do advise that you make a staff member aware when checking in.

Are there any quiet times?

Jump Zone can get very busy and loud especially at weekends. Mid-week is generally quieter. Feel free to call the centre 01 8623366 prior to booking and they will be happy to advise if it is going to be very busy or not.

What happens if the rules are not being followed?

The rules in Jump Zone are for everyones safety. All participants must follow the rules otherwise accidents happen. If the rules are not being followed we will advise to come back at a quieter time when there would be a less people on the inflatable.

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